Faculty & Team
GRAPA's faculty is the real driving force behind the GRAPA approach. Our faculty does the research, prepares the workshops and tests, manages the benchmarking research, publishes the standards and teaches the classes. GRAPA faculty members maintain active membership and participation in several related professional associations including the IIA (International Auditors Association) and ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners), and they participate and contribute to the industry by membership in a number of industry standards efforts. Meet two of the instructors below.
Rob Mattison
Rob Mattison, President of GRAPA, is considered by many to be one of the world's leading authorities in telecommunications billing, revenue assurance and analytics. Rob has taught nearly 2000 students in the practice of revenue assurance. Rob's experience spans multiple generations of telecoms technology from the oldest, pre-SS7-based voice and satellite, through the early days of cable and voice, and through the latest in wireless LTE, IMS, NGN and DOCSIS 3.0. As a former member of the ITU, IEEE and Unix International Steering committees, Rob has participated in the forefront of each new generation of telecoms technology and innovation expansion. Rob has authored over a dozen books on the topics of telecoms revenue assurance, Telecoms Business Intelligence, Internet and Web programming and design and the fundamentals of database architectures. Rob's highly charged, interactive, and enthusiastic style of teaching has helped hundreds of people to gain fresh insight and better methodologies for the practice of revenue assurance in all communications areas and regions of the world.