GRAPA Services
Standards and Certification
Since 2007, GRAPA has focused on the development of standards for the professional practice of revenue assurance, and on the certification of professionals to recognize their attainment of levels of excellence. Our 2009 standards have been ratified by our membership of over 8000 members and have been accepted by 100's of telecoms around the world.
Revenue Assurance Academy
The Revenue Assurance Academy is the GRAPA school dedicated to the provision of world class training in revenue assurance best practices to professionals around the world. The RA-Academy is our method of reaching out to organizations and providing training in the many forms required.
Advisory Service
Many times, training is simply not enough. In those cases GRAPA is able to provide additional one-on-one advisory services in the form of workshops, audits and the preparation of analyses of different challenges faced by RA teams and CFOs to a address a myriad of accounting, controls, operational, I/T, and compliance issues.
Telecom Fraud Academy
The Telecom Fraud Academy provides training and certification testing to our community of over 2000 telecoms fraud professionals. Founded in 2010 – the Academy fulfills a function equivalent to that of the RA Academy but to the fraud specialists around the world.