RA for Data Master Class

1 Week - 2 Problems - 2 Solutions

Part 1 : Data Leakage Measurement &

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Part 2: Profit Bundling, Product Development & Monetization

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The GRAPA-  Revenue Assurance for Data Master Class is an intensive 40  hour briefing and workshop designed to provide your company's top revenue assurance, billing, marketing and finance teams with the chance to gain first hand knowledge about the latest, proven, successful approaches to the realignment of your Revenue Assurance activities to better implement 3G, 4G , WIFI and Data Roaming Products.


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Telecoms around the world are in the middle of a massive conversion from a VOICE business to a DATA BUSINESS. This is creating the need for revenue assurance teams to reassess their controls and approaches to revenue assurance and to readjust them to be more in alignment with the new products, services and pricing approaches being devised. 

This certification program is designed to help the RA manager, analyst and product specialist to understand how best to make the changes necessary to ASSURE the new data products and services being delivered. 

1 Week - 2 Problem Areas - 2 Answers

We know how hard it can be to get away from work for an extended period of time. We also know that there is the chance that you are not interested in ALL of the different aspects of Assurance for Data. Now we have divided the material into 2 parts: 

Part 1 - Data Leakage Measurement & Prevention

RA for Data Part 1 Schedule

Part 2 - Profit Bundling & Product Development

RA for Data Part Two Schedule