Revenue Assurance Master Certification

Certified Master of Revenue Assurance (CM-RA)
GRAPA’s master level certification will build upon the professional's grounding in the core GRAPA Standards and controls approach. Attendees will be invited to participate in collaborative sessions that touch all of the latest and most important trends that we face today and will have to face in the near future.
What Does Certification Offer?
Never in the history of telecoms has the revenue assurance professional been challenged to know so much about so many different aspects of the industry. The explosion of new business models, partnerships, revenue sources and profitablity schemes has made it more critical than ever for the RA professional to keep up.
Those who certify at the master level will build and expand on their firm and fundamental grasp of GRAPA's standards, as well as GRAPA's standard controls across all telco domains and lines of business. They will learn about the latest trends in revenue assurance for the new generation of products and services as well as look at where the industry is going and how their RA team can work to fit in. Achievement of this certification, therefore, allows for a greater means of gaining professional status and confidence, allowing for accelerated professional development within your organization. Because the certification is structured to be comprehensive, it provides a detailed overview of Revenue Assurance issues and solutions from across the spectrum of telecoms businesses and addresses the appropriateness of controls for telcos of various sizes and situations.
This allows professionals to return to their organizations with lessons learned by other telcos for implementation in their (often unique) operating environment.
This approach ensures that certified professionals are rationalized in their approach, putting in place the appropriate level of controls to minimize risk, without resorting to needless redundancy that wastes budget and resources.