Data Leakage & Risk Mgmt

Billing, Policy & Financial Controls

The  new generation of data products and services using Fiber, 3G, 4G , Cable and WIFI have revolutionized telecoms. Student will come to understand the best practices in leakage detection and prevention and the proper controls for billing and policy management. 

New systems & billing appliances using DPI, PCRF and Convergent billing systems are making it necessary for revenue assurance, audit and finance teams to reassess their priorities and SHIFT THEIR FOCUS on the new types of controls and leakages they must pursue. 

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Key issues reviewed in this section include:
  • 3GPP - PCRF / PCEF architecture and how it is mapped to 2G / 3G /4G and moreG environments in both the mobile and fixed environment 
  • What is IMS and how does it drastically effect the broadband commercial landscape
  • Key PCRF concepts and components
  • PCRF (Policy & Charging Resource Function) 
  • QoS / QCI (Quality of Service and Quality Control Index) 
  • PCEF (Policy & Charging Enforcement Function) 
  • HLR / HSS / SPR (Customer Account Databases) 
  • TDF / DPI (Traffic Detection Function / Deep Packet Inspection) 
  • SDF / TFT (Service Data Flow / Traffic Flow Template) 
  • OFCS / OCS (Offline / Online Billing)



Learning Objectives
  • Understand the fundamentals of the 3GPP based Dynamic and Automated Policy and Charging Enforcment Standards. 
  • Recognize the major logical and physical components that define Authentication and Authorization. 
  • Learn how principles of Dynamic and Automated PCC (Policy and Charging Control) are typically appled to each of the primary MBB / FBB architectures (GPRS / EVDO / HSPA / HRPD / UMTS / IMS / Wimax / LTE / ADSL / Fiber / Cable / Satellite etc.