Profitable Bundling & Product Development

IOT, OTT, Video Broadcast & Data Packaging

The Data Profit, Bundling & Product Development section of the Masterclass provides an intensive review and workshops designed to help revenue assurance, marketing, finance and product development teams get a better understanding of how to design data products, services and bundles that are BOTH ATTRACTIVE TO CONSUMERS AND PROFITABLE for the carrier in a way that is measurable and repeatable. 


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Key principles for understanding and building effective profitability models for marketing programs:


  • Tele-Econometrics ▪ Market Basket Design ▪ Substitution Effect ▪ Market Basket Valuation
  • Capitilization Crisis Point ▪ Exchange Analysis ▪ Customer Value Indexing ▪ Sustenance Functions
  • Key marketing program design concepts:
  • Psuedo-Gratuitous Programming ▪ Value Perception Index.. ▪ Predatory Campaigns
  • Customer Equipment Subsidy Programs ▪ Drag Revenue Promotions ▪ Invisible Margin
  • Walled Garden Subsidy Programs. ▪ Value Creation Equation

Critical areas covered will include :
  • Setting up prices, programs & market plans for the 4G/LTE business
  • Understand how to work with and leverage OTT, M2M, content, VAS & other non-traditional revenue sources. 
  • Assessing and developing reports and controls for the profitability of the 3G, 4G/LTE, WIFI and Roaming services


Learning Objectives : 
  • Understand the relationship between Price, Penetration, and Profit and how they can be captured and
  • reported through a comprehensive modeling approach.
  • Learn how to build revenue forecasts for complex PCP scenarios that report hard revenues in
  • measurable and reliable ways.
Practical Applications
  • Learn how to implement a set of financial and operational controls and reports to drive better forecasts
  • and profit reporting for PCP use-case programs.