Fixed Broadband - Fiber, Cable, WIFi & Backhaul Contractors

Partnerships & Suppliers : IPX, IXP, GRX, Backhaul, Fiber Lease & Commercial Contracts

Fixed line carriers are BACK !  The new generation of super fast fiber, cable and DSL carriers are partnering with content providers, OTTs and other next gen suppliers to create powerful, low cost, appealing service offerings that are shaking up the existing telecoms marketplace. 

Our finance, audit and revenue assurance for data masterclass provides students with a comprehensive review of fixed broadband services, old, new and yet to be delivered and provides the financial specialist with an indepth understanding of  how these new technologies work, and what the critical fraud, security, revenue management and revenue recognition challenges are. 

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Key insights and the fundamental building blocks for understanding how to manage the accounting, revenue recognition, billing, policy management and overall financial integrity for last gen and next gen fiber, cable and DSL networks. Learn about ISP, Tier 1 Carriers, IPX, IXP, GRX and the new generation of backhaul/data contractors and how to manage the commercial environment.

  • Fiber to the X - Configuration and methods of billing & revenue assurance for  consumer & commercial fiber networks 
  • DSL Network Commercialization & Major revenue leakage and control points 
  • WiFI - Homespots, Hotspots and the new generation of commerical HET NETS. 
  • Working with broadband wholesale providers 

Critical areas covered will include :
  • Verifying the commercial and financial integrity of fiber, cable, DSL and WiFI networks.
  • Understand how to work with and leverage broadband, leased line, fiber lease and other non-conventional fixed broadband supply arrangements 
  • Assessing and developing reports and controls for the assurance of fixed broadband networks 



Learning Objectives : 
  • How of manage the financials controls, audit and assurance of fixed line broadband networks 
  • How to spot major revenue leakage risks 
  • How to work with commercial broadband contracts & internal or external provisioning and sales teams 
  • How to make sure a new broadband partner can deliver the revenue and services you need.