Finance, Audit & Revenue Assurance
5 Day Certification Event

The "Finance, Audit and Revenue Assurance for NextGen Telecoms Update for 2016" is a five-day workshop and certification event designed to provide the student with the latest in modern financial controls management, audit, and revenue 
assurance as defined and practiced under the GRAPA standards, governance model, methodologies, and framework. Students learn about the GRAPA controls framework and how to apply it to critical operational and technical domains.

Learn how current best practices are leading organizations to broaden the scope of RA to encompass the entire profit picture.

We train students in a systematic and comprehensive method for analysis, diagnosis, and containment of risks to revenues, profit, assets, regulatory compliance, and operational integrity through a standardized approach.
Students are familiarized with the complete set of revenue assurance and finance audit disciplines including revenue chain assurance (leakage detection, reporting, and correction), proactive and preventative revenue assurance, margin assurance (protection of corporate profits across major lines of business, assets, and market activities), and market assurance (protection of revenues and profits exposed to the marketing and new product development process).

The modern telecommunications company survives by maintaining constant vigilance and by continuously re-inventing itself. Innovation, change, and adoption of radically new and challenging business models is an everyday occurrence at the modern telco. Finance controls, revenue assurance, and other compliance and controls teams face a constant battle to stay current and to inject proper controls into the right places. This course is designed to bring the latest in innovative telecoms practices to the accounting and assurance community.