Certified Internal Audit Controls Analyst

Certified I/A Controls Analyst (CICA)

To date, over 500 auditors (internal and external) have recieved accredidation under the GRAPA auditor certification program.

This program provides the audit manager with a verification that the auditor  is familiar with the extensive inventory of controls associated with Voice, Data, Video, Music and other forms of Information, Communications and Technology revenue streams. 


Telecoms auditors are daily faced with the need to quickly assess the integrity of dozens of different operational areas within the telecom. Even the most experienced and talented auditor will have trouble becoming familiar with and mastering the many different specialized areas of telecoms operations. 

What Does Certification Offer?

For practitioners performing audits in a telecom and for their managers, this cerrtification provides a background. a depth of knowledge and a breadth of coverage that helps auditors do their jobs faster, more efficiently and more effectively.

The certfiication provides auditors with the framework and techniques, as well as badly needed professional stature, required for practitioners to be successful within their organizations – enabling and motivating them to effectively pursue  risk wherever it can be found.