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Explore Cape Town's Endless Possibilities

Africa is coming alive with data. As the fiber capacity across the African continent increases, more and more people are coming to rely on, and make use of, the many commercial and social advantages of fast, pervasive internet. As carriers see a decrease in voice revenues and a surge in demand for data services, learning how to configure, bill and manage these data plans properly is a big job for most revenue assurance teams, trained only in the ways of voice billing and assurance.

The Cape Town event will deliver the most relevant and up to date information for all telecoms professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and get ahead in their career. With the rapid expansion rate of the market, the controls that revenue assurance teams must handle is also continuously growing, and there is no better time nor place to learn how to properly work with each and every one.

Learn the latest and greatest practices to implement into your daily routine and to share with others, for the ultimate goal of becoming the best in the industry.



Pricing Table

Non-Member$4,800 USD
Candidate $3,900 USD
Alumni $2,925 USD