Revenue Assurance Core Certification

Certified Practitioner of Revenue Assurance (CPRA)

GRAPA’s intermediate level certification focuses on a practical, hands-on, standards based approach to Revenue Assurance. For practitioners performing the Revenue Assurance function on a day-to-day basis, this is an essential program of training and credentialization. It provides Revenue Assurance team members with the framework and techniques, as well as badly needed professional stature, required for practitioners to be successful within their organizations – enabling and motivating them to effectively pursue revenue risk wherever it can be found.

What Does Certification Offer?

Those who certify will not only have a firm and fundamental grasp of GRAPA’s standards, as well as GRAPA’s standard controls across all telco domains and lines of business, they will also be able to implement that understanding towards the effective containment of revenue risk. Achievement of this certification, therefore, allows for a clear means of gaining professional status and confidence, allowing for accelerated professional development within your organization.   Because the certification is structured to be comprehensive, it provides a detailed overview of Revenue Assurance issues and solutions from across the spectrum of telecoms businesses and addresses the appropriateness of controls for telcos of various sizes and situations.

This allows professionals to return to their organizations with lessons learned by other telcos for implementation in their (often unique) operating environment. 

This approach ensures that certified professionals are rationalized in their approach, putting in place the appropriate level of controls to minimize risk, without resorting to needless redundancy that wastes budget and resources.



Pricing Table

Non-Member$4,800 USD
Candidate $3,900 USD
Alumni $2,925 USD