Revenue Assurance Program



The Revenue Assurance Foundations program provides RA professionals with a exhaustive 360 degree perspective on the revenue assurance job, as practiced by hundreds of GRAPA certified professionals around the world. 

This 40-hour workshop and case study based event, has proven to be the most effective way to get someone up to speed on the latest best practices in the complete revenue assurance job. 



Over 1350 Revenue Assurance professionals have completed this program since its inception in 2009. In that time it has been continuously updated with the latest best practices in the professionals practice of revenue assurance and hundreds of carriers have aligned themselves with these standards and the principles they represent. 


  • Learn the key responsibilities and KPIs for the finance, audit and revenue assurance department.
  • Learn how to assess if your team is doing what they are supposed to be doing, in the way that is supposed to be done.
  • Learn the key principles, standards, and methods of the finance, audit, and RA professional based on the GRAPA global membership contributions and standards development process.
  • Learn the key sources of leakage and revenue loss in all areas of the telecom including network, I/T, provisioning, sales, marketing, pricing, finance, mediation, billing, postpaid, prepaid, roaming, and interconnect.
  • Learn the industry standards-based controls for protecting your organization from losses due to billing, I/T, marketing, finance, or operational errors. Learn how to leakage-proof your telecom.
  • Learn industry best practice in the protection of NextGen telecoms. Learn the challenges faced by innovative telecoms while deploying 2G/3G/4G/LTE/NextGen products and services.
  1. Revenue Assurance – Professional Practices, Principles and Methodologies
  2. Revenue Assurance Controls, KPIs and Placement
  3. Assurance of Voice Networks
  4. Assurance of Voice Billing
  5. Assurance of Data Networks
  6. Assurance of Mobile Data (3G/4G)
  7. Assurance of NextGen Fixed (Fiber, Cable, DSL)
  8. Assurance of Interconnect Voice
  9. Assurance of GSM Roaming (Data and Voice)
  10. Accounting, Channels, Rev Recognition and Revenue Management
  11. Marketing, Margin and Profit Assurance
  12. Understanding and Assurance IOT, OTT and IMS
  13. 5G, HetNets and NextGen Networks

Training Session

What you will learn

Revenue Assurance Fundamentals

  • Principles of the professional practice of RA
  • RA Lifecyle Management Best Practices
  • Role of RA in Corporate Governance

RA Controls

  • Understanding the different categories of horizontal and vertical RA controls
  • Application of controls and RA disciplines to established, emerging, and new products

Voice Network Fundamentals

  • Types of media, service delivery architectures, and controls frameworks for circuit voice networks
  • AAA for circuit voice - standards

Data Network Fundamentals

  • Types of media, service delivery architectures, and controls frameworks for IP data networks
  • AAA for IP-data - standards

Voice Billing (Prepaid and Postpaid)

  • Understanding and breakdown of the different types of voice billing systems (Postpaid, Prepaid, Convergent, and Bespoke)

Next Gen Mobile

  • Assurance and protection of NextGen Mobile Networks (3G/4G/eVDO)

NextGen Fixed Assurance

  • Assurance and protection of Next Gen Fixed Networks (Fiber, Cable, DSL)

Margin, Market and Profit Assurance

  • How to build logical risk containment models for products and services
  • Principles of RA For Marketing

Interconnect Voice Line of Business Assurance

  • Principles and lifecycle for managing the wholesale voice (interconnect) line of business
  • Key control points and controls methods for all ICO lifecycles

GSM Voice and Data Assurance

  • Principles and lifecycle for managing the roaming voice (GSMA) line of business
  • Key control points and controls methods for all roaming lifecycles

Accounting, Rev Recognition, Channels and Revenue Management

  • How to provide assurance and protection of sales channels, commissions, and supply chains
  • The key accounting assurance disciplines including revenue reporting and revenue recognition assurance

IOT, OTT, 5G and IMS

  • Architecture and controls points associated with the most pervasive Internet of Things, OTT and NextGen Applications

Anyone interested in learning the GRAPA standards-based scientific approach to the practice of revenue assurance including: 

  • Newer RA employees looking for a comprehensive introduction to revenue assurance and who wish to become certified as part of their training.
  • Experienced RA professionals looking for a clear vocabulary and structure, a reinforcement of the importance of their role, and an opportunity to expand their scope. 
  • RA managers who wish to strengthen and add value to their teams and who are in need of a systematic, effective approach. 
  • Internal auditors looking for a standard, compliance-based approach to performing their job functions. 
  • Operational managers, finance and accounting personnel looking for better compliance and control over the financial condition of their organization.  IT employees who need a better understanding of revenue assurance to better support the telco as a whole. 
  • Product developers, marketers, and sales teams within telecoms who want to gain the upper hand through their inclusive understanding of revenue assurance. 

Pricing Table - Includes Hotel

Non-Member$5,800 USD
Candidate $4,900 USD
Alumni $3,925 USD