Regional Event Training for Revenue Assurance Professionals

Certification Program Information


The Revenue Assurance Foundations course is a 40-hour workshop and certification event designed to provide the student with a comprehensive introduction to the professional practice of revenue assurance as defi ned by the GRAPA standards, governance model, methodologies, and framework. Students will learn about the GRAPA controls framework and how to apply them to a number of critical operational and technical domains. We will train students in a systematic and comprehensive method for the analysis, diagnosis, and containment of risks to revenues through a standardized approach. 

Students will be familiarized with the complete set of revenue assurance disciplines including revenue chain assurance (leakage detection, reporting, and correction), proactive and preventative revenue assurance, margin assurance (the protection of corporate profi ts across major lines of business, assets, and market activities), and market assurance (the protection of revenues and profi ts exposed to the marketing and new product development process).



Candidates who have at least 6 months of verified work experience in a telecoms-related area and who pass all exams and attend all 40 hours of class will be rewarded as a Certified Practitioner of Telecommunications Revenue Assurance.

Who Should Attend:
Anyone interested in learning the GRAPA standards-based scientific approach to the practice of revenue assurance including: 

  • Newer RA employees looking for a comprehensive introduction to revenue assurance and who wish to become certified as part of their training.
  • Experienced RA professionals looking for a clear vocabulary and structure, a reinforcement of the importance of their role, and an opportunity to expand their scope. 
  • RA managers who wish to strengthen and add value to their teams and who are in need of a systematic, effective approach. 
  • Internal auditors looking for a standard, compliance-based approach to performing their job functions. 
  • Operational managers, finance and accounting personnel looking for better compliance and control over the financial condition of their organization.  IT employees who need a better understanding of revenue assurance to better support the telco as a whole. 
  • Product developers, marketers, and sales teams within telecoms who want to gain the upper hand through their inclusive understanding of revenue assurance. 

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Our Promise: 
Students who take the training seriously, participate enthusiastically in activities, and pass the certification exams will be able to perform all practical applications listed under each course description.

Pricing Table

Non-Member$4,800 USD
Candidate $3,900 USD
Alumni $2,925 USD