Certified Telecoms Cyber Security (CTCS)

Certified Telecom Cyber-Security Analyst (CTCS)

By far the biggest risk facing the next gen telecom today is the risk of cyber - attack. Cyber-Fraud, Cyber-Leakage and Cyber-Attack are issues that the next generation telecom is facing in greater amounts every day. 

While it is true that all companies face some form of Cyber-Risk, because of its role as an internet service provider, the shift to an all IP Core Network and the increased liablity it creates means that everone involved in the goverance of the telcom must become cyber-savvy. 


What Does Certification Offer?

Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, Internal Audit and I/T Security teams will be able to prove their compentence and value as part of the telecoms cyber protection strategy. 

The certfiication provides all participants with the framework and techniques, for the protection of telecom systems, revenues and customers as well as badly needed professional stature, required for practitioners to be successful within their organizations – enabling and motivating them to effectively and proactively address cyber attack risks.